Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can dogs have OCD?

Some people might think that only humans can have OCD(Obbsessive compulsive disorder), but that's not true.

Even dogs can have OCD. Suprising? It suprised me too.

Some things that dogs can have OCD about are taking walks at certain times and if they dont go at that time, they get aggressive.

As you may know, OCD is usually caused by Stress.
So if your dog, or a dog you know has OCD, you may want to take them to the vet and see whats wrong and why theyre stressed, it would help if you made a video of your dog so you can show the vet (the dog may not have ocd when theyre at the vet and the vet may not believe you).

If you go to this website, you can rate your dog's ocd habits.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Want to adopt a dog?

There are many places that you can go to adopt a pet.


There are many. You have to find which one is right for you and which one takes care of their dogs well and feeds them properly. IF they dont feed them properly, they wont have good eating habits. And then they wont be healthy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Police dogs

Police officers use dogs for certain things.

There are a few different types of dogs that are used, usually they are Dalmations and German Shepards. And sometimes there are Labs, like Black Labs.

German shepards are used to protect the officer and CAN attack.
Black labs are usually used to sniff out dogs and drugs.

The only way that police dogs can stop being a "police dog" is if they become pregnant and have to raise puppies. Other than that, they always stay a police dog. I think that they should have time off because if they get tired, they wont work their hardest.

How do they train drug dogs?
Well, usually, they use a white towel, they make sure that there is no scent of anything on it. And then they roll up a bag of marijuana in it. After playing with the towel for a while, the dog will get used to the scent.

Also, they use the same technique for bombs/explosives.

Search and rescue dogs-
Theyre used to find missing people. They can also locate cadavers after earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and volcanoes.

Avalanche dogs-
Used to locate humans under many and many feet of snow.

Guide dogs-
Assist the blind and hearing impaired people.

Monday, May 24, 2010

What to look for when you pick out your dog

Most people say that size and friendliness is what they look for in a dog. There's a lot more characteristics that you need to look for in a dog, here's what they are.

1.)Size. Large dogs aren't usually meant for apartments or for elderly owners. Sometimes small dogs aren't good for kids who are very small because they could easily trip over him/her.

2.)Coat type. Long coated dogs shed, ALOT! Dogs with outer oily coats can sometimes be gross and smell bad.

3.)Potential health problems. If they have eye problems, cancers, or skin problems, there could be problems with your dog later on. Be careful.

4.)Training needs. Some dogs are easy to train while others are harder or more stubborn. You have to find a dog that you can train to go outside when it needs to and not go to the bathroom on the floor in the house. If not, you'll be the one cleaning it. Yuck.

5.)Exercise needs. Some dogs like to jog, and hike. While others are lazy and like to do nothing. If you work, you might want a more of a lazy and low maintenance. But if your a stay at home mother or you go to school, you might want a more playful, energetic dog.

6.)Yards and gardens. Sometimes people have gardens and dogs sometimes like to dig them up and destroy them. Make sure they are closed off and/or the dog doesnt go near them.

7.)Noise factor. Some dogs bark, alot. If you wake up early, a noisy dog wont be a problem. But if you like to sleep in, a noisy dog could wake you up and get annoying.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Want to name your dog?

Heres the top 30 female dog names.
1.)Molly 2.)Maggie 3.)Daisy 4.)Lucy 5.)Sadie 6.)Ginger 7.)Chloe 8.)Bailey 9.)Sophie 10.)Zoe 11.)Princess 12.)Bella 13.)Angel 14.)Lady 15.)Sasha 16.)Abby 17.)Roxy 18.)Missy 19.)Brandy 20.)Coco 21.)Annie 22.)Katie 23.)Samantha 24.)Casey 25.)Gracie 26.)Rosie 27.)Misty 28.)Emmy 29.)Sandy 30.)Heidi

Top 30 male dog names.
1.)Max 2.)Buddy 3.)Jake 4.)Rocky 5.)Bailey 6.)Buster 7.)Cody 8.)Charlie 9.)Bear 10.)Jack 11.)Toby 12.)Duke 13.)Lucky 14.)Sam 15.)Harley 16.)Shadow 17.)Rusty 18.)Murphy 19.)Sammy 20.)Zeus 21.)Riley 22.)Oscar 23.)Winston 24.)Casey 25.)Tucker 26.)Teddy 27.)Gizmo 28.)Samson 29.)Oliver 30.)Bandit

Different types of dogs.

The 20 most popular dog breeds are:
1.)Basset Hound 2.)Beagle 3.)Boston Terrier 4.)Boxer 5.)Bulldog 6.)Chihuahua 7.)Collie 8.)Dachshund 9.)Dalmation 10.)Doberman Pinscher 11.)German Sheperd 12.)Golden Retreiver 13.)Great Dane 14.)Labrador Retriever 15.)Miniature Schnauzer 16.)Pomeranian 17.)Poodle 18.)Pug 19.)Siberian Husky 20.)Yorkshire Terrier

The 10 most popular dog breeds are:
1.)Labrador Retriever 2.)Golden Retriever 3.)German Sheperd 4.)Dachshund 5.)Beagle 6.)Poodle 7.)Chihuaha 8.)Rottweiler 9.)Yorkshire Terrier 10.)Boxer